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Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated with jewelry. Not only how they look, but also how they feel, and how every piece holds its own meaning and purpose. I first discovered this passion through my mother and grandmother, who let me wear their jewelry at home; diamonds, rings and necklaces. From an early age, my mother also introduced me to the spiritual significance of jewels and birth signs. Now, I have developed my own sense of meaning through my passion-project; Mijelle.

My diverse background, and the people in my life, have always been a great source of inspiration. Born in San Fransisco and raised in California and Germany, I have seen the world through different lenses, and let every experience guide my designs. My combined heritage, being part American, Persian and German, has also been a constant reminder to embrace every new influence.

My friends, who are from all corners of the world, continue to inspire my vision, through their distinct styles and personalities. I find inspiration in every new interaction, observing street-style in new cities, in art, and in magazines. To let you take part in that process, and to find your own inspiration, I display my jewelry design in combination with some of my favourite outfits and accessories on my Instagram.

I first started out as a fashion buyer, where I got to discover all the latest trends in the design world. It was then that I started my part-time business venture, which is now my full-time dedication and joy. I wanted to create fashionable, yet timeless pieces, suitable for both day-time and evening wear. My jewelry pieces are for everyone, and combined, they make up their own layering love story - with a unique and personal touch.

With love,